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About Us.

HUMANITY AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION is a registered non-governmental, non-profit organization advocating for humanity and community development through ideas, programs and projects that aimed at providing solutions to the critical areas of sustainable development that include access to clean water, good health, quality education, peace and ensuring accountability and social justice.

Our Mission.

To inspire, empower and equip new cadre of people by providing the skills and tools for personal, organizational and community development.

Our Vision.

To create a new future and to do well in an ever dynamic world through the act of volunteerism, community service, mobilization, awareness and enlightenment with the efforts of concerned likeminded individuals and organization that are catalyst of transformative change in the quest for sustainable development.

Our Objectives.

 To provide social, educational and economic empowerment to communities
 To provide medical assistance to people in communities and to take such other measures to ensure their social well being
 To mentor and provide guidance to youth on democracy, good governance and accountability
 To preserve and protect the environment and propagate the significance of sustainable development for maintaining ecological balance
 To conduct study on various social and community issues from time to time, gather data and carry out research


19, Zakat Plaza, Opposite Gusau Water Board,
Gusau, Zamfara State

Phone Numbers.

Phone: +234 (0)813 109 5619
Mobile: +234 (0)813 815 7575